S__7839805NRnanofiber, together with leading hospital (BDMS) and university research team (Chualongkorn University) in Thailand have invented new innovation of diabetes socks with Nano Material.

NR+ socks are intricately designed with Nano material in a bulky selected terry shape resulting in a soft, force-absorbing and fast-drying properties suitable for anyone with sensitive feet. At NR+ Nanofiber, every step you take is our priority. We came up with products exclusively designed by doctor and professor team and has been tailored to prevent rather than fix the cause of pain or injuries.

Empowered with compassion to improve the well being of customers, this product has been tested and proved by the users all around the world. Through world class leadership and cutting edge technology we aim to be top choice for healthcare services. Wherever you are, you will find our care close to hand.